Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I has beens missing!

From bloggyworld, that is! Many sorries... my mommie has beened sooper busy at her work place and has barely had time for her own bloggie, much less mines. I've been having some fun at my howse lately though. 'Member when I said I was a hero and I was going to get a present? My mommie wented to DKM's bloggie and found her pattern for making squiggles, and she made me one! It's not as pretty and fluffy as DKM's ones, but it's still pretty darned fun to play wif. I toled my mommie she just needs some praktise wif making the squiggles, so she should make some more until she can make pretty fluffy ones too! I'm sneaky like that, hehe!

I saw on the Cat Blogosphere page that it's Pirate day for cats.. well, I'm not much of a pirate cat, but my mommie is a pirate person! She didn't even know it was Pirate day, but she did a Wordless Wednesday post about one of her favorite pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow! Yeowrrrrrrrrrr! Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of milk, me mateys!


DEBRA said...

Ahoy matey!

Arrrr it's meow like a pirate today, so hear me roar....


Daisy said...

Oliver, a Squiggle made specially for you by your mommie is a very good reward for being a hero.