Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Sunshines!

It's summertime and my favrit thing to do around my howse now is sleep in the sunshine. I also liek to keep my Mommie company when she is playing on her compooter. She has a big chair with a high back, and I jump up there from the floor and say hello, at least once a day. Some days she doesn't mind, other days she jumps and looks scairt because she didn't know I was even in the same room! I liek those days... hee hee!

The Boy and the Girl are both getting furry big now. The Girl hasn't figgurred out yet that I don't like hard pats, so I've had to teach her a couple of lessons. She'll get the idea soon enuff. Mommie always backs me up when that happens too, so that's good. That's about all fur now, there's a sunshiny place wif my name on it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008


It has beened a long time since my mommie writed here for me. She says sorries sorries! Some of the beans at her work place don't work there no more, so she has had to work more and more to do their stuffs too. Some days she just comes home and sleeps, then has dinners, then sleeps some more. I telled her that I would come an' help, but she said that I would get too distracted by all the tasty meats and forget what I was apposed ta be doing. She is probably right (but don't tell her I said so!) Some days when she comes home her people

I has been feeling pretty frisky lately. There is more of the warm sunshine, and yesterday my daddie even opened the big door to the outside, and all these nice smells started coming in the howse. I was so excited that I started running from one end of the howse to the ofur, back and forth and back and forth! Spring is in the air!

Friday, January 11, 2008


The tree is gone now. No moar strings, no more paper to roll around in.. sigh. My howse is back to its boringest old self now. My mommie has founded me some new toys though.. she says they are "bottle caps", but all I know is dat they are round, and roll very good, and I can get some good distance on 'em when I give 'em a thwap. 'Specially on the shiny floors. Haha, there goes one now! I's on it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So it is dat time of yeer when my beans start acktin all crazy-liek. They put a tree in the howse. A TREE. And they won' let me clime on it neifur. Den they put all this sparklie stuffs on it. Big rownd things dat look liek toys to me, and looooong sparklie strings. I's not aloud to play wif those eifur. Sometimes I get the strings off the tree, and I eat 'um, just to show my beans who is King Cat around this howse. But sometimes the strings don't stay in my tummy. Then I REALLY get in trubble. What's a cat to do?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My sisfur

I had many brofurs when I was borned, but only one sisfur. My brofurs all went to live at other howses when they were small, but my sisfur Lucky stayed wif me for a furry long time. She left my howse when the Boy came, I think because the changes in the howse did not agree with her. She started getting furry scairt, and would hide around the howse and make messes outside of our box. One day my mommie went outside and left the door opened. Lucky went out too, and never camed back. Daddie gaved her a good name, though, because my aunt Sara founded her and tooked her to her howse. So now she lives wif them, and I think she is a happier kitty because of it, though I miss her sometimes. Here is a pikshur of me and Lucky in our old howse, before she moved away.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Itz Ofishul!

Many sorries again fur bein gone so long.. my mommie really neads to get her stuff togeffur when she's playin wif her compooter. Anyways, I just made her check my emails, and I found one from Fat Eric saying that I am now an Ofishul member of the Gorgeous Gingers! Hooray!!