Friday, August 31, 2007

Mr. Wunnerful Saves the Day!

Today, my mommie says I'ms a hero!

See, my mommie has a little box on her bed that makes horribul noises in the morning times. A lot of the time, it makes noises before the sun has even woked up! Today was one of those times. Yoosually when I hear those noises, it means my mommie has got out of bed, and it's my duty as King Cat to tell her good morning and give her snuggles and generally get under her feet to help her welcome the day. This morning I heered the noises, but my mommie stayed in bed. I knowed that she had to get out of the bed, so she could go to her work place, so I took matters into my own paws. I jumped up on the bed and gave her morning snuggles, and lots of nosekisses. She moved around a little bit, but still did not get up, so I gave her even MORE nosekisses. She petted me on the head and looked at the little box, and made the noise that means "OH NO!" She telled me that if I had not gived her those nosekisses, she would have gotten to her work place late, and gotted in trouble. So today I am her hero! She sez that she will get me some special treats to say thank you... I hope she finds me some squiggles, they look like lots of fun! But of corse I would settle for some nip or tasty cat treets. One must be gracious to the subjects after all!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I just can't say it enuff, thank you furry much to everyone who came ofur to my internets howse yesterday and today! So many new furriends to visit and get to know, I am a-mayzed. I shood haf knowned though. My peeple mommie has so many bean furriends that she made on her blog, of corse there are going to bee many cat furriends (and bean furriends) for me too!

For efurryone who was aksking about my black whiskers, my mommie sez that if you klick on the pitcher of me in my box, it gets furry much biggers, and you can see them on there.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's me!

This is an older pitcher of me, my Peeple Mommie taked it when I had just woked up from a nice nap. I think it's a bit silly, becoz one of my eyes is still stuck shut from sleepies! I was a little embarrassed for her to take the pitcher, but she was showing off my hansumness, so I just couldn't say no! One of the fancy things about tabbie cats is the stripes on the tops of their heads. Usually they make the letter M, but if you look realy close at my pitcher, you see mines make the letter W. W for Wunnerful, of corse! I also have several black whiskers, and I have heard that those are unyoosual in cats wif no black furs. So what do you think, internets peeple? Am I hansum or what???

Monday, August 27, 2007


Hai.. my name is Oliver. I am a orange tabbie cat an' I liv in a big howse wif two big peeples and two little peeples. And a fluffy black and white not-a-cat that the big peeples call a bum.. bon.. bunnie. Ya, dat's it, a bunnie. The biggest peeple is my Daddie, I have lived wif him since I was borned in 2001. The second-biggest peeple is my Peeple Mommie (not my reel mommie, becoz my reel mommie is a cat, of corse). She has lived in my howse for almost my whole life. The two little peeples are the Boy and the Girl. The Boy has lived wif me for four years, and the Girl for one and a half years. They were about as big as me when they first came to my howse, but they are now lots biggers than me. Sometimes they pull my tail and pet me too hard, but my Daddie and Peeple Mommie tell them to pet me nice becoz I am olders than them and I was here first anyway, so there.

So this is my blog, I had my Peeple Mommie make it for me today. I have been sitting on her laps a lot when she plays on her compooter, and I think I finally got through to her that I want to be on the internets too. I hope I will make manny furriends on the internets, becoz while being the King Cat around my howse is nice, having no subjects besides the peeples and the bunnie can get a little lonely. I don't have a pitcher of me yet, but my Peeple Mommie says she'll put one soon.